Remember When Snow Days Were…Fun?

It’s funny how your perspective on things changes as life moves
along. When you’re 6 and school is cancelled, it’s no big deal, a day to stay inside and bake cookies with mommy or daddy and draw a new picture.

When you’re 16 and school is cancelled, it’s cool, because everything at 16 is just cool. When you’re single and 26 and school is cancelled, you turn the channel to get away from the school closing announcements. Doesn’t affect you the least. Could not care any less.

But when you’re 36 (or in my case, 40) and married with two kids and school is cancelled? Cancelled! It’s just snow and a little ice! I can’t stay home today! Honey, you have to stay home. No, I can’t, I have a meeting. I know you have one too, but, oh, man, it’s just snow! This is ridiculous! AGGGGGHHHHH!

In our neck of the woods here in Boston, this has been a particularly brutal winter and every time a flake falls from the sky, we prepare for the announcement. It happened again this week, and it completely throws our week out of whack. One parent stays home and is annoyed. The other goes to work relieved, but slightly guilty. And Julia, our 3 year old, she just goes about her life as if nothing’s different. Feels like a Saturday to her.

Spring, you can’t get here soon enough.

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