2017’s most popular baby names


The year’s top baby names are in

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re taking a look at the baby names that topped new parents’ lists. Nameberry, the expert on all things baby-naming, has put together a list of the year’s biggest name trends, as dictated by site traffic.

A wildly popular resource for parents-to-be, Nameberry has, in year’s past, been able to accurately predict new trends based on its most-visited webpages. This year, the naming experts are at it again, offering up 100 of the most popular names for each gender.

Whether you’ve already welcomed your little one and want to see how popular your chosen name will be—or if you’re still dreaming up ideas for your new addition, this list is certainly worth a read.

Top 10 baby girl names

1. Olivia

2. Amelia

3. Charlotte

4. Isla

5. Isabella

6. Ava

7. Aurora

8. Evelyn

9. Penelope

10. Eleanor

 Top 10 baby boy names

1. Asher

2. Atticus

3. Jack

4. Ezra

5. Theodore

6. Milo

7. Jasper

8. Oliver

9. Silas

10. Wyatt

Interested in seeing the rest of the most popular baby names of 2017? Hop on over to Nameberry for names 11 through 100. And don’t forget to jump in with your views in the comments below. Tell us, what name have you chosen for your little one? How does a name’s popularity affect your decision?

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