4 jaw-dropping reasons your uterus is the coolest thing ever


“There is no other organ quite like the uterus. If men had such an organ they would brag about it. So should we,” wrote legendary midwife Ina May Gaskin. Taking a cue from her, we bring you four reasons to sing the praises of your pregnant uterus.

It’s adaptable

Before pregnancy, your uterus was a pear-shaped organ that fit nice and neat beneath your pubic bone. As the months pass and your baby grows and develops, your incredible uterus does too. Toward the end of your pregnancy, your uterus balloons up to your ribcage, nudging organs out of its way and measuring about the size of a watermelon. Once delivery day arrives and your babe is in arms, this incredible organ will once again adapt, shrinking back down to its usual size over time. Awe-inspiring, right?

It has Wonder Woman strength

To put it plainly, your uterus is the superhero of your body. In order to give birth, this organ needs to summon all its strength to really put the pressure on baby. With each contraction during childbirth, your uterus is calling for incredible energy and strength to push your little one out into the world. And here you thought you had all this work to do.

It creates another organ

Your uterus is the only thing in your body that can grow another organ on its own. You know we’re talking about the placenta, right? During pregnancy, your uterus will create the placenta as a filter and delivery system from mom to baby. Through the placenta, baby receives all of his or her nutrients until delivery day.

It grows and carries a baby

For its most magnificent feat yet, the incredible uterus not only stretches, has tremendous strength, and grows an entirely new organ, but it also carries a new life as it grows and develops throughout pregnancy.

Inspired much? We hope so. With all its aches and pains, pregnancy has a special way of getting us down in the dumps. From time-to-time, we suggest taking a step back and marveling in all the miraculous happenings going on inside your body. We hope you’ll never look at your body in the mirror the same way again. After all, it’s pretty magnificent, right?

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