4 tips to boost your bond with baby during pregnancy


Don’t wait until delivery day to begin building a relationship with your son or daughter. Though sight unseen, you can still nurture a bond with your baby that will last a lifetime. Here’s how:

Use your voice

Your little one is growing and changing at an incredible rate. By the second trimester, his or her hearing develops and your baby will be influenced by outside noise. Of all these new sounds he or she is taking in, your voice will be the most familiar and comforting. After all, your baby has been listening in on everything from your conversations to your singing in the shower. It may feel funny at first, but try talking to your bump or at least singing a song or two.

Let dad in

While your heartbeat and voice are the most comforting sounds in baby’s world, dad’s voice may be a close second. Let your partner in on the fun by encouraging him to talk, sing or read to baby too. If you’re up for it, have him place his hands on your belly to feel your little one’s  kicks and wiggles. You might be surprised at how fostering a relationship between baby and dad helps strengthen your family bond.

Start a journal

Share your thoughts, hopes and dreams with your little one by committing them all to paper. Each week, vow to write a thoughtful note to your future son or daughter. Recount your day, lay out your pregnancy fears – or just gush about how much you already love him or her. Seal each of them up and stash them away for your child to read for later.

Play together

Lay your hands on your belly. When baby kicks your stomach or elbows you gently in the ribs, give him or her a poke right back. He or she may respond and keep your little game going. Even unborn babies have sleep cycles and restful periods, so if your little one doesn’t respond, try again later – or have a few sips of cold juice to get him or her active again.

Snap a photo

Make that several photos. Believe it or not, one day you will miss that beautiful baby bump. Preserve it for a lifetime by dutifully snapping pictures of your weekly progress. Tuck them all away in baby’s first photo album – and be sure to include a shot of your little one to complete the whole set!

In what ways are you hoping you can bond with your unborn son or daughter? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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