5 sweet holiday traditions to start during pregnancy


Love, family and joyful memories – those are the makings of one happy holiday. Think you can’t get started building your family traditions until after your little one arrives? We have five sweet ways that say otherwise:

Letter to baby

Take a moment during the holidays to pen a year-in-review letter to your little one. This year, tell your son or daughter all about the joy and anticipation you feel for his or her arrival. Next year, you’ll recount the happy moments you share together. File them away in a binder you can share when your baby is older. Your letters year after year will serve as a time capsule, capturing moments your son or daughter might otherwise never remember.

Family photo

Snapping a family photo during the holidays is as simple as it gets. Start now, when baby is just a bump in your belly, and you’ll have quite the collection of cherished family memories by the time your little one hits 13.

Christmas ornament

There’s nothing sweeter than an ornament scrawled with “Baby’s first Christmas.” Each year, select a special ornament as a gift for your child. Be sure to date each one with permanent marker. For now, these decorations will liven up your tree – but years and years from now, when your sweet baby is grown, he or she will have a treasure trove of beautiful memories to bring to his or her own Christmas tree.

Make a donation

It’s never too early to start teaching your little one about the importance of giving to others. Each year, help to brighten the holidays for those in need by giving a small donation in your child’s name. Take some time to select a charity that’s near and dear to your heart. Maybe you want to help incarcerated mothers give a holiday gift to their children. Or, maybe you’d like to help plant a tree – or even give to a homeless shelter. Whatever you decide, you can take a measure of pride knowing that your gift – given in your baby’s honor – is making the season merrier for someone in need.

Give thanks

The holidays are a time of gratitude. Start the New Year by writing down one thing you’re thankful for each day. Tuck each moment of gratitude into a box vowing not to look at them until the next New Year’s Day. That way, you’ll start each New Year reviewing 365 wonderful moments you and your family have shared.

Are there any special family traditions you’ll be starting this year? Tell us all about them in the comments below!

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