5 ways to announce your pregnancy on Mother’s Day


What better way to sweeten Mother’s Day for your mom than by telling her she’ll be a grandma? If you have yet to break the news of your pregnancy, we have five incredibly simple and creative ways to share your impending motherhood with your own mom.

1. Look to Hallmark

Let a greeting card do the talking for you this Mother’s Day. Scope out the card aisle for the perfect way to wish the soon-to-be grandmother in your life a happy day. It may take her a moment to realize why she’s suddenly being called “grandma,” but the surprise on her face should be well worth the wait.

2. Frame it

Have an early ultrasound scan of your sweet little bundle? Make a copy for your mom and take time crafting the perfect frame. Using a wide, wooden picture frame, grab a paintbrush and choose the right words for your announcement. A phrase as simple as “First grandchild” Or “Coming soon” should do quite nicely.

3. Leave it at her house

Pick up a package of baby bibs or onesies to wrap for your mom – bonus if you can find something that’s stitched with words of love just for grandmothers. When she unwraps these tiny baby accessories, she’ll most likely think she’s received the wrong gift. Watch the joy on her face when you break the news: These items are for her to keep when she watches your little one!

4. Say it with silver

Find a jewelry-maker online or in your neighborhood to craft a special piece just for your mom. A classic necklace with a charm that reads “grandmother,” or your baby’s due date will be a sweet reminder for her as you count down the months. A metal smith can stamp a beautiful quote or phrase about the love a grandma shares to adorn a bracelet or cuff.

5. Flower delivery

Live far away from your mom and you won’t be seeing her for Mother’s Day? Ship her a beautiful bouquet of flowers signed with love from you, your partner and your little one-to-be. Then, sit back and await the excited phone call.


  1. Another great idea is to do it with a matching t-shirts with your hubby or just give your mom quote shirt saying “Best Grandma Ever” 😉

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