Is a doula a do or don’t?


If you're currently expecting, chances are you've been contemplating one important aspect of your pregnancy – your birthing plan. From using the Lamaze method to deciding whether or not to have an epidural, the choices are often endless.

Of course, one of the biggest trends with modern day moms is hiring a doula. While not an MD or midwife, this is a professional who is trained in childbirth and offers a woman in labor the emotional support and guidance she needs.

"During delivery, doulas are in constant, close proximity to the mother at all times," the Pregnancy Association of America reports. "They can provide comfort with pain relief techniques, such as breathing, relaxing, massage and laboring positions."

It's up to each mom-to-be to decide whether or not a doula is right for her (they are an added cost). Of course, if your husband is the type to get a little lightheaded, you may want to have someone else by your side feeding you ice chips and providing motivational speeches on the big day.

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