App review: Baby Connect


Price: $4.99
Worth it: Possibly

If you're in your third trimester and are approaching the end of your pregnancy, you might be starting to panic about how you're going to keep track of all of your new baby's milestones once you head back to work. Luckily, the Baby Connect app has everything covered.

This tracker lets users store all of a baby's vital daily information, including diaper changes, feeding schedules, sleep habits, doctor's appointments and photos. You can even use it to create a variety of charts and reports that can help you gauge your little one's progress. Perhaps the best part is that the app can sync with your partner's phone, as well as the mobile device of a nanny, relative or other caregiver.

"This is an absolutely fantastic tool for learning what's going on with your baby when you're away," states a review of the app on

If you're planning to head back to work soon after giving birth, this app may be worth purchasing. Otherwise, stay-at-home moms might not need the features.

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