Babies are Expensive!

Ben’s suddenly outgrown most of his clothes, the buttons on his pants can’t stay closed and his onesies are all stretched tight. I volunteered to hit Target on my way home from work and holy cow, I walked out $115 poorer knowing he’ll probably wear these clothes for all of like 3 months, maybe six tops.

     Still it was fun, mixing and matching sweaters and pants, looking for boy stuff instead of girl stuff for a change. Usually my wife does the clothing shops, or we rely on their very generous grandparents, but still it’s fun to do it yourself sometimes.

     Getting him dressed this morning was fun, pulling over a new red shirt with dinosaurs on it and new brown sweatpants. He has this great smile in the morning like he’s seeing you for the first time in years and it’s pretty hard to not start your own day off with a smile, too.

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