9 cute and hilarious baby Halloween costumes


That Halloween spirit

Halloween is here, so bring forth the pumpkins and autumn leaves!

While kids prepare to don costumes and descend upon our neighborhoods, we’re giving special attention to the littlest trick-or-treaters among them.

So, you have a newborn or young baby? Don’t stay home this Halloween! Sure, your little one can’t partake in much of this holiday’s festivities, but he or she can bring home the prize for the cutest Halloween reveler around.

Need some inspiration? We’ve rounded up some of the sweetest, funniest, and downright cutest baby Halloween costumes we could find. Kudos to these adorable babies–and their creative parents.

The classic 

baby pumpkin halloween costume

When in doubt, bring out the old parent favorite–the classic pumpkin. This soft and sweet costume is sure to accentuate all of your baby’s adorable chubby features, leaving him or her extra cuddly this Halloween. We couldn’t help but laugh at this baby’s warning sign. What parent couldn’t relate to that?

[ image courtesy of @pinkgreygold ] 





The hilarious

old lady baby halloween costume

Take a page from this parent’s book, and go for funny this Halloween. A homemade cotton ball wig and set of oversized glasses are all you need to take your baby from infant to senior citizen. Your little one’s sweet wrinkled skin and toothless grin will take care of the rest.

[ image courtesy of @candicecotaoco ] 






The mythical 

baby mermaid costume

We love a costume that doubles as a snug blanket, bonus points if it’s also cute and creative. Perfect for a newborn baby, this hand-knit mermaid tail is sure to keep your little one cozy–and festive–this Halloween.


[ image courtesy of @libertyrenee17 ] 





The bearded

bearded baby halloween

Whether he’s a lumberjack or a garden gnome, this little baby’s luxurious beard looks too adorable for words. We love how this mom fashioned the beard to baby’s pacifier, making sure to keep his nose free and clear. Of course, as with anything around your little one’s face, this costume is made for short periods where mom or dad is watching closely.

[ image courtesy of @aww_its_megan ] 





The winged

ladybug baby halloween costume

There’s nothing cuter than a girl and her dog–especially when said duo is dressed in coordinating costumes. We love this baby’s cuddly ladybug get-up and we’re super impressed that her bee companion stopped to pose for a photo.

[ image courtesy of @jillianwalchuk ] 




The historical 

viking baby halloween costume

Not only does this hilarious and oh-so-cute costume look cozy and warm, but every piece appears to be handmade with baby in mind, from ultra soft felt. We love this mom’s sense of humor, dressing up her little one as a Viking ready to set sail on the seas.

[ image courtesy of @maddox.odin ] 





The movie buff 

tom cruise baby halloween

For any fan of Tom Cruise’s 1980s classic Risky Business, this simple costume is a top-notch nod to the silver screen. For any parent short on time and cash, a quick perusal through baby’s closet should turn up these pretty common finds: a white button-up, shades, and classic white socks.

[ image courtesy of @newestroller ] 





The clever

Sometimes a simple costume is more clever than a complicated one. This mom fashioned a pretty adorable Halloween outfit out of readily available items: a simple NYC shirt, big sunnies, and a good prop. Don’t want to watch baby toss your expensive camera on the ground? Pick up a baby-safe teether in the shape of a camera for baby to hold.

[ image courtesy of @gutter13 ] 




The repurposed

lumberjack baby halloween costume

This mom proves that awesome costumes don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Repurpose some of baby’s fall and winter gear–a cozy ear-flap hat here, a flannel shirt there–and your little one’s well on his or her way to dressing as a traditional lumberjack this season.

[ image courtesy of @george_hats ] 






Important reminder

If you’re planning on dressing up your little one this Halloween, play it safe first and foremost. Keep baby’s nose and mouth free and clear, and never place anything around your child’s neck. Also, be sure to keep small items out of your baby’s costume. As with anything baby-related, a good baby Halloween costume requires parental supervision. Be safe, have fun, and Happy Halloween from all of us at Pregnancy Magazine.

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