What’s in a baby name?


“What’s in a name?” asked William Shakespeare. Apparently, the answer is: quite a lot.

Picking out a name for Junior is always a struggle for parents-to-be. Should you simply close your eyes and randomly select something in the baby book? Or should you try to find a name imbued with meaning that your son or daughter can carry with pride? Many parents want to give their children unique names, but if you choose one that’s too unique, your child will be in for a lifetime of correcting people and spelling out her name for teachers.

Some believe that you should test out Junior’s name by imagining it after the words “The Honorable” or “President.” If you try out a few examples with these criteria in mind, you might find yourself reconsidering some of those trendier monikers in favor of a more traditional name.

If you’re really stuck, look to family. Consider naming your son or daughter after a beloved grandmother, a deceased uncle, or a long-lost maiden name from one of your relatives. Not only will your little one appreciate the gesture when she is older, but you’ll also get to honor a loved one in carrying on their memory with the newest family member.

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