Battling unexpected emotions during pregnancy? You’re not alone


You may have thought it was only a stereotype that pregnant women are emotionally volatile, but if you're currently in a family way, then you know that this is one old myth that has plenty of truth behind it. If you've spent half of your pregnancy crying and the other half humming with joy – with the occasional bout of unexplained anger – then you know weird emotions are just par for the course when it comes to becoming a parent. Here are a few of the more unexpected ways you might feel when you're expecting.

1. Unattractive. Sure, lots of women report that pregnancy made them feel glowing and beautiful, but you might be feeling anything but as your stomach balloons to epic proportions. It's normal to have some anxiety about the way your body is changing, but don't fret – eating healthy and staying active will ensure that you can get that bikini body back in no time.

2. Conflicted. No matter how planned and wanted your baby is, it's normal to be a little scared of parenthood. There's a lot of pressure on parents to be perfect, so recognize those cold feet for what they are and give yourself permission to learn as you go.

3. Frightened. If this is your first child, it's likely you have no idea what to expect in pregnancy and delivery. Pregnancy is like a rollercoaster that you can't get off of – exciting one minute, terrifying the next. Your body was made to do to this, however, so let go of those nerves and trust yourself. 

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