Bottle blondes – do you have to go au naturel while pregnant?


You've been feeling off for a few weeks, so you picked up a pregnancy test at the drug store – and as soon as those two pink lines appear, you're overcome with joy! But then you catch a glimpse of yourself – and your beautiful blonde locks – in the mirror, and realize that you're going to have to go back to brunette if you want to have a healthy baby. Is it true that bottle blondes can't keep dyeing their hair while they're expecting?

There isn't a scientific consensus either way when it comes to knowing whether or not hair dye is safe during pregnancy. The limited data that's available doesn't show much reason for pregnant women to be concerned about using bleach and peroxide on their locks while they're expecting, as there are no reports of birth defects being directly caused by hair dye – probably because very few of the chemicals used in the colorants actually makes it into your system.

However, many pregnant women choose to stay away from any unnatural chemicals over the course of their pregnancies. If dyeing your hair will cause you nine months of (probably needless) worry over the safety of your unborn child, it may be a good idea to stay away from the dye for the next nine months. Sure, you won't be able to maintain those beautiful blonde tresses, but it'll be worth it when you get to see your baby's very own head of hair.

Bottle blondes – if you're trying to conceive, you might want to go back to your natural color before your start. That way, you won't have to deal with roots while you're expecting.  

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