Bright Starts Get Rollin’ Activity Table

My daughter loves the Bright Starts Get Rollin’ Activity Table, just one of the creative toys in the Bright Starts Get Rollin’ product line.  Right out of the box (without the legs attached), the tabletop can be placed on the floor for use by a young baby or an over-exuberant toddler who can’t wait to get her hands on it. With the legs attached, the table is great for encouraging scooting, as my little girl repeatedly pulls herself up and moves around the table to try the many activities on all four sides.  The lights, songs and numerous parts that open, close, spin and turn fascinate her and keep her captivated for long periods of time. Unlike some electronic toys, the songs are pretty catchy with creative takes on some classic songs, and we often find the whole family rocking out, led my daughter who wiggles up and down with a big smile on her face.

There’s always plenty to do with 20 activities and more than 40 songs in one relatively compact unit.  The table has both an English mode and a Spanish mode for bilingual learning of the alphabet, shapes, colors and other vocabulary.  In addition, it comes with fun, colored balls that can be dropped down a chute in the center of the table and collected in handy storage compartments along the legs.  Of course, you can expect the balls to scatter around the room, but the thoughtfulness of including a storage space is appreciated.

The unit runs on three AA batteries, which have lasted an impressive amount of time given how much use the table gets.  The only downfall that we’ve noticed so far is that it’s very hard to pull my daughter away from the table.  When left alone for a few minutes, the lights and sounds start up again, and my daughter’s ears immediately perk up, sending her scurrying right back to the table.  So, if you’re putting your baby down for a nap, be sure to turn the power off.  Otherwise, this is a real favorite in the house and a sure winner for the little ones!


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