Brooke Burke: there’s never enough time for everything


Brooke Burke may have four gorgeous children, but don’t think the beautiful woman has all the answers to how to be an ideal mom. In fact, the lovely lady took the time to speak with and admitted that she’s just as harried as any other mother out there.

“Well the truth is, I don’t feel there’s ever enough time in the day to accomplish what I need to,” she told the news outlet. “I’m always trying to squeeze out a few more hours in every 24 hour period, but I think it’s about taking it day by day and doing the best that you can and having realistic expectations.”

It’s easy to see why Brooke is slightly overwhelmed – her children, Neriah, Sierra, Heaven and Shaya – are all under the age of 12!

Still, it’s nice to see the beautiful brunette has a few moments to spare to take time for herself. Aside from having a super-successful career as television personality and host, the model mom won the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars three years ago.

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