Chew on this: What to consume when you’re eating for two


You will probably never be barraged with more competing bits of advice than when you're pregnant – especially when it comes to what you should be eating. It seems like everyone has an opinion on what's good and bad for you and your baby.

Of course, there's going to be times (read: morning sickness) when the idea of eating much of anything is tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment, which is why it's important to find foods that are dense with nutrients that you won't have to stuff yourself with.

Edamame, or small soybeans, are delicious and filled to the brim with good stuff like calcium, folic acid and vitamins A and B. Just sprinkle a (little) bit of salt on them and you'll have a nutritious snack that's easy on the stomach.

Yogurt is another tasty option that will keep you and your baby happy and healthy. It has as much calcium as milk and a fair amount of protein as well. The active cultures in yogurt will also help ease your sensitive stomach.

Try working some oatmeal into your breakfast – the fiber, B vitamins and iron are great for your red blood cells and immune system. Add a little bit of brown sugar or maple syrup if you're not particularly fond of the stuff and you'll be good to go!

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