Coping with emotions during your pregnancy


Even the most relaxed women may find themselves fending off some serious mood swings during their three trimesters. Though these feelings can be detrimental if they strike at work or in front of your spouse, learning to channel this energy can actually be a positive experience.

Writing down how you feel can go a long way toward helping you get some clarity when you're feeling down, anxious or stressed. In addition to being a useful outlet for negative energy, describing your emotions can help you trace back to the root of what's really bothering you, or causing anxiety.

Don't underestimate the power of music – you'd be surprised at how much hearing your favorite song can set your mind at ease. In fact, a National Health Service study showed that nine out of ten pregnant women experienced a reduction of their symptoms – both physical and emotional – when listening to lullabies, classical music and natural soundscapes. You can either purchase one of the many ambient albums available, or make a mix CD of your favorite tunes.

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