Demystifying the myth of the glowing pregnancy


Is your healthy glow of pregnancy fading—or have you even experienced one yet? It was recently the longest day of the year, and pregnancy, no matter what season it is, can sometimes feel like the longest nine months of your life! I’ve seen thousand of pregnant patients in my clinic, and oddly, none of them have described themselves as glowing. Yet, it is the favored way to talk about pregnancy (from a bystander’s perspective). And although it always feels nice to have someone tell you that you look fabulous —especially when you’re not feeling optimal—it can also put a lot of undo pressure on you to think you should be feeling better than you might actually be doing.

So, how can you cultivate “the glow?”

You might not just be experiencing the normal lack of verve that can come with being pregnant. Definitely work to rule out anything that may help you gain whatever radiant energy there is to be had. Things to check out include monitoring for anemia as well as keeping up some supportive lifestyle pieces that build energy—hydration, regular nourishment and moderate exercise.

Home remedies that help you glow: 

The birds and the bees got you into this, and can help you through it too! Here are some honey-based recipes for inner and outer glow:

Honey Do Pregnancy Tea

This concoction helps boost up digestion, calm the nerves and help you relax to rebuild energy.

Mix equal parts cinnamon, lemon rinds, and lemon balm steeped in a cup of hot water with some honey.

Soothing Thyme & Honey Lemonade

Thyme has a therapeutic effect on inflammatory conditions, especially in the digestive tract. This is a delicious, refreshing cold-brewed tea that you can make in big batches to always have on hand.

Pour 4 cups of warm (but not boiling—you don’t want to destroy the important volatile plant oils) water over 1/2 cup of fresh rosemary and 1/2 cup of honey. Stir and let cool. Add 2 cups of fresh-squeezed lemon juice to the rosemary water. Mix. Pour over ice and enjoy.

Honey Mask with Nutmeg

Here’s a basic at-home topical treatment to try soothing blemishes or irritations and give you that outer glow.

Take a palmful of honey, which is antibacterial and moisture rich, and a pinch of nutmeg, which acts as an exfoliant, and rub them together. Apply to your face, neck, chest, or just about anywhere you’re breaking out. Let the mask sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Wash away with warm water. The honey will drip right off—no stick, no mess, only a healthy glow!

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