The Devyn Bag: Nursing Mother’s Travel Solution


Devyn Bag

I recently had my first baby and was slightly overwhelmed when I had to figure out what to bring with me in the diaper bag for our first outing. I was thrilled when I was given the Devyn Bag as the bag itself makes it so easy—it’s all laid out in three easy compartments- a one stop shop Diaper bag/ laptop bag/ and insulated cooler bag (for milk or other hot/cold food)- perfect for working nursing moms.


The purse compartment has 3 inside pockets for diapers, wipes, and other small items, as well as a larger pocket that can fit a swaddle, a change of clothes, and my personal items. The laptop compartment is nicely padded and fits my 15” Macbook perfectly.  The insulated compartment has 6 mesh bags pockets, 3 on each side, and comes with a dehydrated ice pack that you soak with water, freeze, and slip in the middle of the two rows of pockets to keep your breast milk or other food cold. (Apparently, you can also heat the ice pack in the microwave to keep your items warm, though I haven’t found the need for that this summer!)


One of my favorite features is that it has a phone and key pocket on the outside of the bag, which is great for me as I find I’m always rummaging around in my purse for those things- and the bigger the bag the harder it is to find these crucial pieces when I need them. So, having the pocket on the outside saves me time and keeps me organized. Love it.


Not only is the bag very functional and relatively compact for all that it does, it’s super stylish as well. I love the black and purple messenger bag design, and the fact that it’s a washable material makes it easy to clean with a rag or in the washer. No expensive drycleaning needed! 


The only downside is that this bag is designed for fairly specific usage, so if you aren’t working, and don’t need to be carrying your laptop and keeping breast milked chilled, this ideal set up is a little wasted.  While you can fit other things in both the laptop compartment and the insulated pocket besides a computer and food, because the bag is neatly divided in thirds, there isn’t a large inner compartment to carry larger items like a blanket or sweater—things you might want in your diaper bag. 


I found the Devyn bag to be more fun, stylish, functional than most diaper bags I’ve seen, and I’d recommend it hands down for working nursing moms!

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