Diaper Details


From left to right:

Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers
$12 for 56 (21 cents per diaper), www.diapers.com
“The tabs on these were easy to fasten and held in place, and
I had only a few leaks. One day I couldn’t change my baby for
several hours because my husband forgot the diaper bag. He was still happy, despite having wet himself (my son, not my husband).”
—Vanessa Cobarrubia, Bend, OR

Huggies Supreme Gentle Care
$12 for 44 diapers (27 cents per diaper), www.diapers.com
“I liked that the sides of these diapers fit snugly and didn’t chafe my baby’s skin, but they didn’t hold up to heavy loads so well. On two occasions, I needed to change diapers twice in a short period because they didn’t absorb as much as I’d hoped.”
—Pamela Brill, Northport, NY

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Diapers
$9 for 58 diapers (15 cents per diaper), www.diapers.com
“We had a pretty average experience with these diapers: They weren’t too bulky and were still quite absorbent. But they’re heavily scented—although there isn’t any mention of that on the package—and it’s even worse when there’s something in them.”
—Renee Pech, Mountain View, CA

Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Diapers
$12 for 44 diapers (27 cents per diaper), www.diapers.com
“I found the fit of these diapers to be a little off. They seem slightly shorter than other brands I’ve used, which was a bit of a problem with my long-waisted baby; she had one blowout. But I liked that they’re chlorine-free. They’re also very soft.”
—Nikki Glaros, Huntington Beach, CA

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