Documenting your pregnancy


It's likely that your pregnancy will consist of exhilarating highs, as well as some challenging moments. Documenting your pregnancy is a great way to capture those memories forever. Here are a few creative ways you can keep track of your pregnancy from now until the baby arrives.

Creating a photo album is a great way to get started. Every two weeks or once a month, take a photo of yourself to keep track of how you're coming along. Some women go so far as to wear the same outfit for every photo shoot. Use the second half of the album as a baby journal.

If you fancy yourself a writer, keeping a journal can be a great way to capture how you're feeling, (good, bad or hungry!). In addition to being a precious memento in the future, the journal may serve as a supportive outlet for your emotions while you wait for your impending arrival.

Are you feeling high-tech and visual? Make a video diary of your pregnancy! You could keep it as a personal family artifact, or share it with friends and relatives on video-sharing websites.

Whatever method you settle on, use it as an opportunity to reflect on the experience of building a family while creating a priceless token of your affection for your new baby.  

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