Due Process


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Sexy small-screen solicitor Alana De La Garza Leaves the Courtroom and Enters the Nursery

Interview by Bob Gulla
Photography by Lisa Franchot
Styling by Diana L. Chan at Ford Artists
Hair by Robert Ramos
Makeup by Colleen Campbell-Olwell

Born in Columbus, OH, in 1976 and raised in El Paso, TX, by a Mexican-American dad and Irish-American mom, Alana de la Garza, has spent the last 15 years of her life populating your TV with characters, some memorable, such as her most recent portrayal of Connie Rubirosa on the recently cancelled Law & Order, and some, well, not so much. Conveniently, Alana discovered she was pregnant not long before her four-season stint on L&O came to an end, inadvertently giving her and husband, writer Michael Roberts, the perfect opportunity to take a breather before welcoming their new baby boy.


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When did you get the idea that you might actually be pregnant?
One day on the set, I put on a little blazer that I wore all the time, but I couldn’t button it. It didn’t fit. I’m like, What is going on? I called wardrobe and asked, “Did you guys dry clean my clothes?” I was certain the blazer had actually shrunk. Little did I know that even in the early stages of pregnancy you can gain a cup size. Of course my hubby wasn’t complaining!

How were those early months? Any difficulties?
I actually felt great the whole time. I never threw up or had nausea. But I was really tired! I’d come home around 8 at night and all I could do was go to sleep.

Looking at the bright side, the series’ cancellation came at the right time for you and the baby.
Yes, it’s perfect timing. I’ll get to have the baby and be a mom for a few months before going out to pound the pavement at the beginning of the year.

You plan to get back to work at that time?
I’ve always had that drive of wanting to work as much as possible. I’m a busy body. If I don’t have 500 things going on at the same time, it feels kind of strange. I haven’t really had much time off throughout my life—I’ve been working steadily since I was 17.

Have you always known you wanted to be a mother?
Since I was very small. My parents were also foster parents to many children throughout the years. This helped a lot as far as me now being prepared to take care of my own child. My mom was like Mary Poppins. That’s her gift—children and child rearing.

I look forward to it. It doesn’t scare me. I feel honored that I can grow this little person inside of me. It sounds cheesy and hormonal, but it’s really a miracle. When I see my stomach move, it’s like, “Hello, little guy!”


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Is your husband as prepared for the new arrival as you are?
He goes from being ecstatic to terrified. It’s adorable. The other night, I was a little light-headed and I had to sit down, and he looked like Dr. Oz coming to the rescue. It was really late, like 10:30 p.m., and he said, “You need some protein. So he went out, got a steak and some spinach, and cooked it up for me. I loved it. “You saved me honey! You’re my hero!”

It sounds like he’s very present for you.
Almost too present! He’s always asking me, “Did you put sunscreen on? Does that have caffeine in it? Did you have enough protein today?”

Will you have a doula?
I’m meeting with one soon to talk about how it’s gonna go. I’m gung-ho for any woman that can do it naturally, but there’s no shame in saying, “I need an epidural.” And if I’m getting cut down in that area, I don’t want to know. I want to enjoy the process as much as possible.


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I’m sure you’ve been staying in shape…
I work out at least three times a week. I go on this 2.5 mile hike/walk, which gets me huffin’ and puffin’, then I do prenatal Pilates.

You do stay busy!
My next project is to put all my photographs in albums before the baby comes! Yeah, right!

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