Pregnant at Thanksgiving? How to avoid extra weight gain


At first glance, Thanksgiving seems tailor-made for pregnant women. There’s the abundance of food, not much of it healthful; the call for stretchy waistbands and the after-dinner nap. While pregnancy certainly means standing by as your waistline expands, the old adage that you’re now eating for two is just that – old. Now, obstetricians advise women to add only an extra 300 calories to their daily intake. Additionally, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends patients of average weight gain no more than 25 to 35 pounds throughout pregnancy.

As Thanksgiving inches closer, you may have weight gain on your mind. But we’re here to assure you that you can still have your cake – or, your pumpkin pie and enjoy it too. Here’s how:

Keep moving

Curb the guilt that may accompany a delicious feast by putting an exercise plan in place. A walk with your partner or family after dinner not only helps to stop excessive weight gain in its tracks, but it also aids your food in digesting too. If the weather puts a damper on your post-dinner walking plans, do some gentle morning yoga in the comfort of your home instead. Whatever way you choose to exercise, be sure to let your doctor know before you start a workout plan. Once moving, listen to your body: If it hurts, it’s time to slow down or stop.

Eat a hearty breakfast

There’s nothing like throwing the best health-minded intentions out the window like coming to dinner absolutely famished. Sitting down at the Thanksgiving table with an empty stomach will leave you more susceptible to over-indulging. Instead, start your day with a healthful breakfast, combining good fats, proteins and whole-wheat carbs for an energy boost that will carry you all the way to the big feast.

Indulge in moderation

Being health-conscious doesn’t mean saying no to all the tempting sweets at the table. To indulge the smart way, keep an eye on your portion sizes. Fill your plate with all the veggies and protein you can handle, but leave room for a sliver of pie and a small scoop of ice cream. This way, you’ll feel satisfied without giving up on your healthy eating plans altogether.

Are you worried about gaining too much weight over the holidays? What are you doing to stay within a healthy range for your pregnancy?

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