Ready, set, squeeze! Every mom needs pelvic floor exercises


Yes, you’ve heard it before, but who actually remembers to do them when you have a newborn to care for? As a midwife, I have taught many women to identify and do their pelvic floor exercises (also known as Kegel exercises). Even with lots of suggestions such as do them every time you feed your baby, or each time you pour a glass of water, most new moms are too busy and tired to remember.

So, why should I do pelvic floor exercises?

The pelvic floor muscles are the hammock that keeps your bladder, uterus, and intestines in place. They are also in charge of continence (the ability to hold your urine and bowel movement until you find a bathroom). During pregnancy, these muscles stretch to accommodate and hold your growing baby. Not only that, but they are very important to help your baby’s head get into the right position for birth. Clever, huh?

In the postpartum period, the pelvic floor muscles are a bit like elastic bands that have lost their elasticity after constant of use. Yet they have an advantage, as with pelvic floor exercises you can actually help them regain their elasticity, which can’t be said about elastic bands. This is important to help ensure you don’t have any issues with incontinence or a prolapsed pelvic organ in the future. You wouldn’t have thought, but the prevalence of incontinence is actually quite high, up to 1 in 3 women report some issues after birth. Especially in women who’ve had more than one baby. Sadly it is a bit of a taboo issue that not many people want to admit to. After all, who wants little leaks after sneezing or coughing? No thanks!

What’s the solution?

Luckily the pelvic floor muscles are very easy to exercise, and you can do them very discreetly, even while eating your lunch. No need to get into your exercise clothes or sweat at the gym. But perhaps it is for this exact reason that we always forget to do them too.

Get working on strengthening your pelvic floor muscles by trying this out: The next time you make a trip to the bathroom to pee, practice stopping the flow of urine. That muscle you’re using to do that? That’s the one you need to exercise. Once you’ve figured that out (and it’s definitely simple to do), working Kegels into your day-to-day can be a snap. Especially with a strengthening device such as Carin Wearables. 

Carin Wearables have been designed to help you remember to do your pelvic floor exercises. The 3-month program has been designed by expert physiotherapists to help you regain control of your bladder quickly and safely. 

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Nevertheless, it’s important for you to find your way to remember to do those pelvic floor exercises. Don’t allow little leaks to become an ‘inevitable’ part of childbirth. The solution is easy, fun, and quick. So get exercising so you can really start to enjoy motherhood and all the new exciting beginnings.

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