Exercise and pregnancy


There's really no healthy way around it: You're going to gain weight while you're pregnant. But don't worry! Experts agree that putting on about 25 to 30 pounds during your pregnancy is normal for both momma and baby, as long as the calories are coming from healthy and nutrient-rich foods.

Of course, if you're like most gals these days, it's likely you're concerned about getting your pre-baby figure back once your little one arrives – and to make that as easy as possible, you'll need to stay active throughout your pregnancy.

Here are a few exercises that you can perform while you're expecting to keep your figure fit and healthy.

1. Swimming. Swimming is the perfect exercise – it works your whole body without straining any of your joints! Later in your pregnancy, it may be uncomfortable to jog or stretch, but swimming can give you some relief from the pressure of all that extra baby weight. You don't have to do laps, either – some gentle resistance training or water exercises will help keep you in excellent shape.

2. Yoga. Pregnancy can be stressful and anxiety-ridden, but yoga is relaxing. Head down to the local studio for a little child's pose and downward dog that'll have you breathing deep and clearing your mind of worries in no time. Avoid hot yoga, however – it can be dangerous for your growing baby if you overheat!

3. Walking. Going for a walk is easy, relaxing and gentle on your body. Head around the block, walk to the grocery store or take the dog out – no matter where you go, you'll enjoy the fresh air, and your muscles will thank you.

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