Expecting? Think before you pop that advil


Pregnancy is full of aches and pains, from the occasional headache to swollen feet, sore backs and all kinds of joint pain. But is it safe to pop an aspirin when you're really suffering? Most experts recommend that you avoid pain killers as much as possible, as some over-the-counter medications could have an affect on a developing fetus. However, when avoiding medications there are other ways to minimize your discomfort.

First, if you're suffering from a headache, take a break. Turn off the lights, lie down on the bed and relax for a few minutes to let your tense muscles release all that pent-up tension. There's a good chance that half an hour filled with soft, soothing music and nothing on your mind will help those aches and pains disappear.

If you notice that you're getting headaches or back pain after doing a certain activity or eating a certain food, try to avoid that trigger. For example, if sitting for more than an hour seems to give you a serious lower back ache, try standing up for a bit every 20 minutes or so to keep your muscles from tightening up.

If your pain is persistent or especially troublesome, visit your doctor to see if there could be an underlying cause.

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