Is the fear of labor pain making women opt for C-sections?


It used to be that a Cesarean section was the worst thing that could happen in the delivery room – a true emergency that necessitated major surgery. But these days, more and more women are opting for a C-section even when they’re fully capable of a natural vaginal delivery. Some are even scheduling their C-sections months before they go into labor! What gives?

There are a few reasons that women are picking the operating room over the delivery room these days. For one, many women have careers that they love or other children to look after – so in an effort to minimize time off, they schedule their births months in advance so they can plan meetings, projects and babysitters around the event. In other words, a scheduled C-section can be a real convenience for busy women.

Another reason moms-to-be are opting for C-sections? They’re quite simply terrified of what has long been heralded as the most painful experience on the planet – childbirth. However, it is worth nothing that while labor pains are notoriously unpleasant, the recovery period is very short – the body heals itself quickly and the woman is back to her normal routine within a day or two. After a C-section, which is major abdominal surgery that involves cutting through skin and more than one layer of muscle, it can often be weeks before the woman is pain-free.

In the end, the birthing process is a private one – only you know which delivery method is right for you.

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