Growing Boy

Okay, I can relax. Ben won’t lie on his back until he’s graduating from high school. As I’ve written before, my son’s lack of interest in doing anything other than sitting on his butt has caused his mother and I a little bit of angst. He’s nine months, already, and geez, it’s time the kid caught up to his friends who are rolling over, crawling, reading, doing
some calculus equations and small physics experiments, and playing piano sonatas in their spare time.

We were starting to worry a little even though we knew we shouldn’t, that all kids progress at their own speed, even if in his case it’s the speed of a glacier. But the other morning, we went into his room after a restful night of sleep, and there the blessed child was, lying flat on his belly, and looking up at us with a big smile. My wife didn’t put him like that. And I certainly didn’t. So we could only deduce that the kid had, in
the middle of the night, miraculously rolled over. Say it with me, please.


He’s quickly starting to raise his butt off the ground and crawl a little bit backwards so we now think it’s only a matter of weeks before he figures this whole thing out. Of course, when he does, we will have to babyproof everything and panic over what he’ll get into and instantly wish that he never learned to move and remained his lazy old self. C’est la vie.

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