At-home remedies for morning sickness


No matter how overjoyed you are to discover that you’re expecting, there’s one downer lots of new moms-to-be will face during the first few months of their pregnancies – morning sickness.

Luckily, if you find yourself sprinting to the bathroom in the middle of the workday or feeling nauseous all afternoon, there are a few things you can do that may help to alleviate your feelings of queasiness.

Instead of indulging in a giant breakfast or an overly hearty dinner, eat small meals throughout the day to keep your tummy consistently full. Additionally, because hunger can mimic nausea, munch on a few crackers whenever your stomach rumbles to make sure that you’re not just peckish.

Some foods and flavorings will naturally calm your stomach. Ginger is an all-natural remedy for nausea that’s safe for both mom and baby – and there’s plenty of ways you can get it. If you have a sweet tooth, ginger candies are an excellent and soothing treat to enjoy during the day. Or, have a cool and refreshing ginger ale with your lunch or dinner.

If you still can’t shake that sick feeling, try going for a walk. Some gentle exercise is often a cure-all for minor discomfort, and at the very least the fresh air might allow you to relax despite your tummy troubles.

Morning sickness is no fun. Here’s a free download of our Morning Sickness Diet with tips on foods you can eat to stop or at least alleviate the nausea that goes with morning sickness.

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