How to get your partner involved in labor


Many men consider themselves lucky when it comes to getting ready for baby. After all, they're not the ones who will have to give birth! While it might not seem fair to you that he gets to sit idly by, your partner may want to do everything he can to be a part of welcoming your little one into the world. In fact, there are many reasons why you'll want to involve him in your pregnancy, and especially labor.

When it comes to labor, many midwives and doctors tout the benefits of having a partner there for support. He doesn't have to sit down near the end of the bed and report every detail to you (unless he wants to) – just having him hold your hand, give encouraging words and maybe wipe your forehead is often enough to ease your tension and perhaps even make the process go by faster.

In addition, your partner can help by speaking up for you to the medical staff when you're too tired or distracted to handle it. He might also be able to remind you of those breathing techniques you learned in class, get things you need and relay important information to you from the doctors. After all, those contractions and pushing sessions might be taking up most of your attention – you might not hear certain instructions or updates.

Your partner can also be valuable before the big day. Ask him to help you pack a hospital bag with all of the essentials, and make sure he has important numbers, like those of family members who might want to stop by after the birth.

When you work as a team, you'll likely have a much easier experience during labor and your bond may even strengthen as a result.

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