How to have a Good Fight – 4 Keys


I hate fighting!

I hate how quickly I can go from adoring my wife to vehemently opposing her.

But fights happen.

Fortunately, research has shown that couples that fight are more likely to stay together longer.

Unfortunately, most of us fight in a really detrimental and destructive manner that greatly harms the entire family.

As a marriage & family therapist, I have a front row seat to what helps fights go well. I’ve collected a number of tools that help my wife & I to fight more effectively.

(But don’t let me give you the wrong picture. There are plenty of times that I fail and act like a jerk!)

As you probably know well, when we fight we are scared. Our response to fear is to operate from a more primitive part of the brain. Getting the conscious prefrontal cortex to come back into control in the face of those primitive instincts, is no easy task.

Implementing these four keys will really change your family dynamic.

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