Husband Tweets his wife’s accidental home birth


First-time parents Marco and Aniyia Rogers received the surprise of a lifetime when their baby girl arrived days early, before they could even make it to the hospital. When labor started, dad-to-be jumped into action, timing contractions on an iPhone app and checking in with his wife’s obstetrician. Because first-time moms typically have long labors, the doctor on call advised the couple to stay put and continue laboring at home. When Aniyia’s contractions picked up and she felt her body pushing, Marco rushed to get his wife out the door.

“My wife stops. She’s wailing. ‘I can’t. I’m gonna have this baby right now. I can feel the head.’ She starts to *sit down in our foyer*,” he Tweeted after the birth.

Next he says, “My wife is the only one with clarity. ‘Call 911. Get the What to Expect book. There’s a section on emergency delivery.'”

After rushing around to find his reading material, he types, “[Later] I walk into our bedroom. My wife is on all fours. I can see the top of my baby’s head. I don’t have time to read sh-t.”

In harrowing detail, Marco goes on to describe his wife’s incredible determination and strength to deliver their baby girl safely. They call 911 and a medical expert guides dad-to-be through the process on speaker phone, warning him to “hold her tight. She’s going to be slippery.”

Cue the relief 

He describes holding his baby girl for the first time, realizing in horror she’s not breathing, and then following the dispatcher’s advice until his little one lets out a solid newborn cry. “I wanna catch the Holy Ghost and pass out. But I can’t… cause, you know, I’m holding a baby,” he Tweeted.

To sum up his daughter’s birth experience, the new dad Tweets, “Okay, y’all can relax. That’s it. That’s how my wife and I brought our child into this world together. In our bed.”

Congrats to these amazing new parents and their beautiful baby girl!

Source: Couple’s funny Tweets tell story of an unplanned home birth – // Photo: Marco and Aniyia Rogers by Hannah Erickson Photography

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