Is cash the best baby shower gift ever? Some moms say ‘yes’

Did you already get all the strollers, buggies, cribs, high-chairs and bibs you needed when your older children were born? Looking for a way your guests can make a meaningful contribution at your baby shower without giving you repetitive gifts that you don’t really need? Instead of asking your guests to arrive with their arms full of diapers and onesies, consider asking them to give a cash gift.

With services like Deposit a Gift, you can create a registry just like you would in a store – but instead of physical items, your guests will have the option to contribute to the purchases you need most. Whether you want cash for your mortgage, a down payment on a bigger house to accommodate your growing family or a few bucks for Junior’s college fund, your guests can help you achieve your goals with Deposit a Gift.

The service isn’t just for new parents – everyone from newlywed couples to brides-to-be can use Deposit a Gift to make their registry dreams come true.

Although your guests aren’t actually buying you any presents, using a service like this feels far more personal than simply writing a check or handing you a $50 bill. Plus, they’ll save money and time not having to wrap any gifts – and you’ll get to pick out exactly what you need for your little bundle of joy.

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