Getting married while pregnant


Many women know the drill – the moment the unexpected plus sign stares back at you from the pregnancy test, your world is turned upside down. When all the emotions have subsided and the sweet anticipation of motherhood starts to hit, the inevitable question remains – should your babydaddy put a ring on it?

According to, more ladies in secure relationships are deciding to say I do before their beautiful bundle of joy arrives.

“Many people decide to get married as the result of a pregnancy,” the news source reports. “Many relationships grow stronger when a woman becomes pregnant, and these couples may wish to express their commitment through a wedding ceremony.”

Couples who are going this route may even want to think about combining their marital shindig with their baby shower. Or, in lieu of gifts, ask for guests to give money to a fund set up for your little one. Remember, planning a wedding – as well as the arrival of a baby – can cost a pretty penny.

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