Movie Review: Just Go with It

March 02, 2011 by

Movie Review: Just Go with It

Women across the world have welcomed Jennifer Aniston into their homes and lives for more than 15 years now, and it's safe to say that she feels more like an old gal pal than a performer at this point. When she started earning $1 million per episode for her work on Friends in the '90s, we couldn't help but be happy for the girl. When she wed Brad Pitt and looked beaming in photos, we had tears in our eyes. When Angelina came into the picture, we were sticking pins in our luscious-lipped voodoo dolls and swearing never to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith ever again.

So we can't help but want to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with Jen, one of our closest friends of course, about her movie decisions as of late. Hot off the heels of Love Happens and The Bounty Hunter comes Just Go with It, a film that may be best enjoyed while resting comfortably on the couch rather than the theater (no matter how tempting the idea of waddling out to the mall and making your poor hubby get popcorn refills by the dozen may seem).

The premise is simple: Danny (Adam Sandler), a cad, suddenly meets and falls for the flawless Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). After a confusing mix-up, the blonde beauty is lead to believe her new beau is going through a divorce. Before you can blink, Danny enlists the help of his single mother-of-two receptionist, Katherine (Aniston), who begrudgingly pretends to be her boss' ex-wife.

You probably know what happens next. While the romance and scattered few chuckles make for a nice evening, it's safe to say this is hardly one of Aniston's best rom-coms. It's times like this that we can't help but wax poetic about the girl once known as Rachel Green.

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