Not So Little Anymore

     When I think back to these years with Julia, easily one of my fondest memories will be carrying her up on my shoulders. She loves going up there and walking and I love having her up there. It feels very, I don’t know, fatherly, but in a youthful way. I hold her boots or shoes and we just talk about the weather or school or she sings some silly song in her Spanglish that she’s been speaking lately (we call it Gibberish, she calls it Spanglish)

     Anyway, today, taking her to school, for the first time I had to wonder how much longer I can do it. She’s coming up on 26-27 pounds probably, and, ugh, it’s heavy for a walk. She’s heavy up there, my shoulders got sore. She, of course, is oblivious to how much she weighs and how sore she makes daddy feel. I have to remind her to not bounce around too much. I’ll be sad when these days are gone, but of course Ben is already starting to like the view from up there, so I have a few more years with him coming.

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