One Day on Earth 11/11/11

Dear Parents and Parents to be,
I am a producer with a United Nations partner film project called One Day on Earth: www.onedayonearth.org

We are working with UN Women and the World Health Organization in an effort to document pregnancy, child birth and maternal health across the world. Last year we shared footage on the topic of maternal health, from Mongolia to Montreal.

With a child being born every 7 seconds, maternal health should always be on our minds. We hope to document this globally on 11/11/11. 

Whether 11/11/11 is your due date, the day of a scheduled ultrasound, or a day spent in anticipation of your baby’s arrival, please document and share these very special moments!

Sign-up and join others who are expecting, in our group “Giving Birth on 11.11.11.” http://www.onedayonearth.org/group/givingbirth. Anything you wish to film and upload during the 24-hour period of 11/11/11 will become a part of this One Day on Earth.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and we look forward to viewing your submissions.

Regards from,
The One Day on Earth Family

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