Packing for the hospital – three things to consider


Whether you've been ready for weeks or your water breaks unexpectedly in the middle of the night, going into labor is exciting, anxiety-ridden and scary all at once. Just remember, you're not the first to do it – hundreds of thousands of women give birth every single day, and they've been doing it for millions of years. Once you're certain you're in labor, however, there are lots of things you should grab before you run to the hospital in order to make your delivery as easy and comfortable as possible.

One thing many mommies-to-be bring to the hospital are comfy PJs. Having your own jammies to wear while you labor is much more reassuring than a crinkly, sterile hospital gown, so bring along your favorite pair to walk around in. Once the pain meds start, you'll need to be in a gown, so enjoy your cozy jammies while you can! Laboring moms also often experience cold feet, so don't forget to pack some giant, fuzzy socks. When you're experiencing a contraction, every tiny comfort counts!

Something that many moms are surprised to discover is how boring labor can be. It may be more than 24 hours before you begin pushing, so bring along some reading material, soothing music or anything else that can help you relax in between contractions – a positive attitude can go a long way toward a smooth delivery!

And don't forget about Dad – pack a snack for your man, so he never has to leave your side while you work to bring your little one into the world. 

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