Simple tips for a more peaceful nursery


Creating harmony in baby’s room 

Newborns can benefit from balance in their lives, and with a nursery designed according to the Chinese art of feng shui, “the child will be at peace and naturally sleep well,” says Valerie Bogdan, a feng shui consultant in Long Branch, NJ.

Feng shui is deeply rooted in nature and simplicity. Bogdan recommends organic bedding, natural-fiber carpet, full-spectrum light bulbs that provide natural light, and paint instead of wallpaper. “You want everything pure, simple, and real,” she says. Bogdan also recommends a balance of textures—soft, smooth blankets with knobbier knitted ones, for instance—and a variety of shapes. Because most furniture is angular, blend in circular shapes, such as round pillows on a comfy glider.

Movement is key, and babies love it, too. A crystal hanging in the window creates prismsperfect infant entertainment. A fan clears stagnant energy and releases a soothing sound. “Feng shui is based on things that have life,” Bogdan says. Also try a mellow mobileplaced out of reach of the crib.

Bogdan avoids overtly gender-conscious themes: A harmony of masculine and feminine is comforting and creates balance. She suggests soothing artwork and photos of important family or caregivers.

— Corinne Garcia

Fast and easy feng shui

  • Place the crib in a “command position,” placed against a solid wall for support and so baby can always have a good view of the door to see who is approaching. (The area of the room that’s diagonally farthest from the door usually offers the best command position.)
  • Lay out the room with a good flow. An obstacle course in baby’s room is an accident waiting to happen. Try not to place large objects or heavy furniture, such as rockers, swings, or carriages, in the center of the room.
  • Consider position of the room in your home: Our nursery is also in the command position of our home (the far right corner as seen from the front door), so we put a photo of ourselves on the command- position wall as a reminder that the baby’s needs don’t rule the family. It’s all about creating balance.
  • A plant or live flowers should be placed next to a TV or other appliance as a way of balancing electronic and natural energies.


— Excerpted from The Peaceful Nursery by Laura Forbes Carlin and Alison Forbes

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