From Playmate to Playdate


Last year I was a rough-and-tumble pinup girl, now I’m the mom next door!

By Kendra Baskett

It’s crazy how pregnancy and motherhood changes you, and now I realize it’s all a part of maturing and growing up. But I didn’t expect all of it to come so naturally!

What happens in Vegas: For example, before pregnancy, when I would think about Vegas the first thing that came to mind was parties at The Palms, but now all I think of are games and rides at Circus-Circus. Before pregnancy, when I would think about vacations I would think of Cabo or Cancun, now I think Disney cruises. When I used to think about parties, I would think tequila shots, but now parties are all about clowns, balloons, Astro Jumps, and barbecue!

Easy does it: Amazingly, I am a lot more calm and peaceful now. Before becoming pregnant, I’d allow myself to get stressed out and angry over certain situations. Now I have found an inner peace and when I feel like I’m getting frustrated, I take a deep breath and think happy thoughts, because if I am stressed then baby is stressed.

Careful now: I am also much more aware of dangerous situations, and I am a lot more cautious and careful. There was a time when I was fearless but with a baby on the way, I’ve grown to embrace some of these motherly instincts and I live much more cautiously.

Watching my mouth: I have become more of a “lady.” I used to curse and not think anything of it, but now I am more aware of what I say and how I speak. As a wife and mom-to-be, I also try to look more lady-like nowadays. My style has changed with my pregnancy, but I am still a huge tomboy. Pregnancy can’t change everything!

Building the nest: I’ve never been into decorating or the holiday spirit, but surprisingly this is the first year that I am really excited about putting up a tree, lights, and wrapping gifts. We’ll have a special gift coming to us around that time, so I want him to enjoy his first Christmas with his family.

My husband, Hank, and I have definitely been through a lot this last year, and we both know life isn’t easy. We know how to work together as a team and get through it all! We try to never take any of the moments that we have together for granted and we cherish every minute of life.

Star of one of E! Network’s highest-rated series, Kendra, Baskett also starred on E!’s The Girls Next Door for five seasons and is currently working on her biography that will hit book stores soon.

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