3 perfect tips for beating pregnancy mood swings


There are plenty of reasons to be moody when you’re about to become a first time mother. First, you’re probably incredibly excited about getting to have a baby, but you’re also likely concerned about a lot of things. Between finances, your changing body, and the impending day in the delivery room, it’s normal to be stressed.

But while some mood swings are inevitable and simply the result of changing hormones and exhaustion, you shouldn’t have to suffer through them blindly. Luckily, there are some ways to manage your changing emotional state.

Get enough sleep

If you’re grouchy because you’re tired, then you already know how to remedy your emotional state. However, it might not be that easy. If you’re still working or you already have kids, you probably don’t have enough time to concentrate on a good night’s sleep. But this is a very important part of pregnancy, both for you and your baby. It might be difficult, but try asking for help. Either have a coworker cover for you, take some time off or have friends or family watch your kids so you can get the rest you need.

Treat yourself

Obviously, it’s impossible to keep yourself in a good mood all the time, but if you’ve been particularly stressed or moody, then perk yourself up with a treat. Whether it be your favorite food, a trip to the salon or cute maternity dresses, a small reward for being such a trooper might lift your spirits. But rewards don’t have to be purely material – you could also treat yourself to a walk with your partner, a long phone call with your best friend or a visit to your parents’ house. Do whatever will relax you.

Take care of your health

Another productive treat would be to take a prenatal yoga class or one on breathing techniques. Not only will this put you in better health, but it will also help calm some of your worries. If you’re lucky, you might also meet some other expecting mothers who share your worries, and you can manage your mood swings together. Being active will also release dopamine and help you feel better naturally. Taking a brisk walk outdoors may also put you in an improved state of mind.


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