Step away from the litter box


Pregnancy sure comes with its fair share of warnings. Over the course of your nine-month journey, your health care team will dole out one prescriptive piece of advice after the next. It’s certainly enough to make your head spin. And while most of these healthful guidelines center around the food you eat and the drinks you consume, there’s one that may seem to come out of left field: The cat box.

If you have a feline friend at home, you’re about to receive some of the happiest news yet – you’re off kitty litter duty. Here’s why:

Why pregnant women should steer clear of cat litter

Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease that can be transmitted through your cat’s feces. While an otherwise healthy adult may only experience mild flu-like symptoms, a pregnant woman can expose her unborn child to the disease with potentially fatal results. If a woman contracts Toxoplasmosis during her pregnancy, her fetus is at greater risk for miscarriage and birth defects. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

How to stay safe

The surest way to keep your baby safe is to stay away from the litter box altogether. Ask your partner to take on kitty litter duty until after your son or daughter arrives. If you must clean out the box, wear rubber gloves and wash your hands thoroughly afterward. Keep the box clean, as the parasitic cysts your furry friend will shed require 48 hours of sitting around in the litter in order to become infective. The bottom line? Sure, Toxoplasmosis is a potentially fatal disease and should be taken seriously. But with the right precautions, you can put your mind at ease knowing your little one is safe from harm.

Do you have pets at home? How are you and your furry friends adjusting to your pregnancy? Share in the comments below!

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