Sticking to your vegetarian diet during your pregnancy

Some ladies adore red meat, while others follow a strict vegetarian diet. For those in the latter category, the question remains – should they continue to nix meat while they're expecting?

The truth is that it's completely safe for pregnant women to follow a vegetarian (or even vegan!) diet. Of course, having said that, it's important for  vegetarian moms-to-be to take extra steps to make sure their little ones are getting the nutrition they need.

Pregnant women are advised to maintain a higher intake of iron, calcium, folate and essential fatty acids in addition to protein, whether they eat meat or not. Pregnancy requires consuming an extra 300 calories a day, which may require additional planning on a vegetarian diet.

Some ladies who were vegetarians find they have hankerings for a juicy burger once their bouts of morning sickness disappear. Those who can stomach it could consider introducing the meat they crave into their diets while they're pregnant  – after all, it's what the baby wants!

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