Three pregnancy symptoms you won’t read about in the baby books

You know all about the obvious signs of pregnancy. The nausea, the backaches, the sore breasts, the dizziness, even the need to pee constantly – you know what to expect when it comes to expecting your baby. But being pregnant changes a lot about your body, and there are many other ways that it might affect you. Here are a few symptoms that may seem bizarre, but are actually perfectly normal.

1. Peeing your pants. Yes, it's embarrassing – but you've got an extra 10 pounds of baby sitting right on your bladder, which is already more full than it would normally be, since you're working to hydrate two people these days. If you laugh, sneeze, move suddenly or stand up, you might find yourself leaking. Instead of fretting about it, just laugh it off – anyone who's been pregnant will understand. To avoid messes, go to the bathroom frequently, and wear pantyliners if you want to.

2. Excessive sweating. Are you constantly soaked in sweat? It's natural – your body is working extra hard to build a whole other person! Your metabolism is out of control and your body has more blood in it than ever before, which can cause your skin to heat up – making you sweat.

3. Salivating uncontrollably. Just like your baby will in a few short months, you might find yourself drooling. Nobody's sure why, but some pregnant women produce tons of excess saliva. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about it – just keep a cup on hand to spit it out. 

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