Pregnancy myths debunked!


Worried that you can't stand in front of the microwave now that you're pregnant? Concerned you'll have to stop dying your hair? Moms-to-be are notorious for taking extra precautions to make sure their babies will be healthy and happy, but plenty of pregnant no-nos are actually just myths and urban legends. Here, we debunk two popular ones.

If you're pregnant, your diet is likely on your mind. No soft cheese, sushi, deli meat, alochol or tuna? Not exactly. While pregnant women should be extra careful about what they eat, in general, what's good for mom is good for baby, too.

"Virtually all fruits and vegetables, whole grains, some diary, and most protein sources are good choices for mom and good choices for baby. There are really very few foods you need to avoid," says Dr. Peter Bernstein of Montefiore Medical Center in New York. That said, watch out for foods that could contain harmful bacteria – like raw and undercooked meats.

Another popular myth? That now's the time to pack on the pounds. You're eating for two, which means you need twice the calories, right? Not exactly. According to the Mayo Clinic, you actually only require about 300 extra calories a day to keep your baby healthy – that's not much (it actually amounts to about two extra bowls of cereal). So, feel free to indulge, but don't overdo it!

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