15 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms That Most People Don’t Talk About


Pregnancy can be weird, really weird. And even if you think you’ve got it covered and know just what to expect after asking your friends, family members, and health care providers questions, reading every book you could get your hands on, and surfing the internet for additional information you may have missed, chances are, there are still some things you don’t know. There are weird pregnancy symptoms that most people don’t talk about that you likely need to know more about because if they happen to you and you never knew that they were a potential possibility, they can be a little bit unnerving or even a bit scary.

Symptoms of anything, pregnancy included, aren’t all terrifying, nor are they all something that should be cause for concern. But when you think you know what to expect and then are faced with something for which you weren’t prepared, it’s only natural to feel a little bit uneasy about it. Weird symptoms are just that, they’re weird. And they can definitely be unexpected. But some of them can also be things that you might not want to share with your own friends either, when they’ve gotten pregnant and are turning to you for advice and information. Weird symptoms are just part of a pregnancy, so it can be helpful to know what might happen so that you’re ready when they do.

1. Chadwick’s Sign

Source: 15 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms That Most People Don’t Talk About

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