Is a lunar eclipse harmful during pregnancy?


Just in case you were wondering about how a lunar eclipse might affect your pregnancy:

Across many cultures, including India, a lunar eclipse is considered harmful for pregnant women. It is believed that it can affect the well being of the foetus, leading to physical deformity, or ugly birthmarks. While there is no scientific proof to validate its affect, the belief is so strongly engraved in our minds that a pregnant woman and her family naturally worry for her well being.

In India, a common superstition is that pregnant women who are exposed to the moon while the eclipse is underway, are prone to the harmful effects. Therefore, they are advised to stay indoors.
These superstitions advise pregnant women not to cook, eat, or even drink water during an eclipse. There is absolutely no scientific evidence of the moon’s effect on pregnancy. Pregnant moms are advised instead to stay hydrated and eat regular meals no matter the activity of the moon.

Source: Is Lunar Eclipse harmful during pregnancy? Side Effects of Lunar Eclipse on Pregnant Women

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