Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Pregnant UPS Worker


Peggy Young had asked to take a break from heavy lifting at her UPS job, only to be told by her boss to take an unpaid leave. Peggy, who says the company gave other non-pregnant light duty, felt she was being treated unfairly and decided to sue the company.

Peggy lost her case in the district court, and in the Fourth Circuit, who said the company had created a “pregnancy-blind policy.”

Peggy pushed on to the U.S. Supreme Court where she finally received a 6-3 decision, ruling in her favor.

“The Court has put employers on notice: pregnancy is not a reason to discriminate. The Court said that if you accommodate most non-pregnant workers who need it but not most pregnant workers who need it, you may be found guilty of violating the Pregnancy Discrimination Act,” Marcia D. Greenberger, Co-President of the National Women’s Law Center in a statement in response to the ruling.

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