The size of your fetus – week by week


Although your tummy may still be flat, your baby is growing – and fast! – even when you're just five or six weeks pregnant. So just how big is that little bean? And how big is he going to be when he gets here? Here's an easy guide to understanding just how enormous your unborn child will become before he even enters this world.

During your first trimester of pregnancy, your fetus is growing quickly. Although he's smaller than the size of a pinhead at conception, he's already about the same size as a pomegranate seed by week five! By week six, he's grown to the size of a marble, and by week nine, he's the size of an olive – but you still won't be seeing a bump just yet.

However, by week 20, when your fetus is about the size of a cantaloupe, it's likely that you'll begin to show. But, of course, he's going to get even bigger!

By week 28, he's the size of a large squash. By now, you can probably feel him wiggling around, trying out those arms and legs to prepare for life outside the womb. And by the time you deliver him, he'll possibly be about as a big as a watermelon!

Of course, it's only after he's born that the real growing starts, so treasure this time with your little tot.

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