Stand at Attention

So the attempts to get 8-month old Ben to roll over continue. But it’s becoming clearer that he may just go straight from sitting to walking. And it’s sort of funny.

Right now he only wants to stand up, leaning against whatever object is nearest. My mother bought us a great gift, a Leapfrog table with lots of bells and whistles on it. If we try to sit Ben in front of it, he will lock his knees and legs so you can’t bend them and insist on standing up.

Of course, that means we have to sit behind him or put a pile of pillows around him for when he inevitably falls backward. But it’s just fun to see him so happy when he’s standing there, like he’s king of the world.

The idea of rolling over seems so farfetched to him, I can’t see it happening. It might just click one day and he may figure it out, but for now, he’s all about standing up and playing.

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